blake killion

independent filmmaker


photography by Sarah Dawson

  Born October 1, 2003, Blake Michael Killion was homeschooled in Northern California and graduated to study film in 2021. Aside from his primary education, homeschooling allowed him to develop his creative side. He continues to hone his skills in illustration and narrative fiction writing alongside his filmmaking career.
When he turned nine, he was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes, but with a strong support system of family and friends, as well as the assistance of medical technology, management of the condition has become much easier. 
In 2015, he joined Movie-Making Co-op, a filmmaking class run by local film student Marcus Mero. In this class, he acted and assisted in the production of multiple short films, even appearing in a cameo role in one feature-length production. A lifelong storyteller, it was in this group that Blake discovered his passion for filmmaking.
After the closing of MMC in 2018, he went on to create his own production studio, Homeschooled Films, producing shorts both independently and in partnership with other studios such as Prominyo and Fleett Pictures. He is currently pursuing an AA in Film Studies at Las Positas College.
Outside of filmmaking, Blake can be found hiking in nature, playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends, and livestreaming on Twitch in his free time under the moniker AequinoxLIVE.

Consider donating to one of these Diabetes charities!

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)

DYF (Diabetes Youth Families)